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What’s The Navigator? 

The Navigator is a newsletter for people at the helm of business; for people who’s job it is to inspire movement, and who want to have better conversations about strategic design, research and foresight.

It’s written by Sarah Ronald, founder of the strategic design consultancy Nile. It includes regular contributions from the Nile team, a group of excellent people who spend their days clearing the path to progress through research, psychology and design.

Why read it?

Every month we share stories, signals, reflections, and insight from the front lines of our strategic design work.

Over time we hope to help you do what we do:

  • Cut through complexity and find better solutions to business challenges

  • Talk with confidence about the power of design, research, and foresight

  • Understand the behaviours and motivations that drive people to change

  • Scan the horizon and discover signals and trends you can use to steer your business

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A newsletter about people, psychology and design for business leaders who want to make meaningful change. Written by Sarah Ronald and the Nile team.


Entrepreneur and Impact Investor.
Principal designer and ex-philosopher at Nile, working on the hard problems in heavily regulated industries. I think and write about communication, communities, ethics and systems.
Senior service designer at Nile passionate about all things inclusion, injecting my skills where they're needed most, and translating insights into opportunities.
Design Director at Nile. Leader, speaker, and foresight practitioner. I care about making an impact for people and growth through insight and design.
Alexa directs our insight team and partners, exploring the contexts and consequences of human behaviour, whilst making sure our techniques and tools align with industry best practices.
Accessibility specialist, speaker and Director of I help organisations make sure that their digital content works well for everyone.